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the story behind beeler's pork

Grandpa Beeler The Beeler pork tradition started in 1846 when our great-great Grandpa Fred immigrated from Germany to the gently rolling hills of Madison County, Iowa.Truro On his farmstead, Grandpa Beeler began raising hogs.

Grandpa Beeler's agricultural endeavors found success when he loaded his provisions into his horse-drawn wagon and left Truro for Denver, Colorado. The trip took nearly six months total, but was successful enough to warrant future trips.

Now, six generations later, our family is still carrying-on the tradition of raising and marketing a pork product consumers love.

Of course, in Grandpa Beeler's day, raising pork was much different than today's methods. The younger generation, thinking we knew everything, tried to build a better mousetrap by incorporating technology into our production methods. However, we have finally realized Grandpa Beeler's Old World method of raising pork was not so bad after all. Thus, we have come full circle utilizing some of today's hi-tech methods with his Old World ways.
Grandma's House
Developing what we perceive to be the best combination of the old and the new has resulted in our new HELUKA® method for raising pork. Hidden away in the Loess Hills of Western Iowa is a very unique farm: the birthplace of HELUKA® pork. Our HELUKA® farms embrace a new freewheeling life style for the pigs that live there.

If you like our HELUKA® pork, you'll love our HELUKA® method!

As with all Beeler pork, HELUKA® pork is natural, meaning Beeler pigs are raised without any antibiotics or growth promotants whatsoever, and are never fed animal by-products. Their diets consist of all vegetarian ingredients: corn, soybean meal, vitamins, and minerals.

However, that is where natural ends... Pig and HELUKA® begins.